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Michael Lastoria, founder/CEO of &pizza (and RestaurantSpaces featured speaker!), kicked off 2017 with a Q&A feature in Forbes. A well-recognized leader in the startup world, Lastoria’s success stems from his belief in serving up more than slices: namely, experiences and community--and he shared his philosophy on building the brand culture of tomorrow with Forbes.

Check out some snippets from the Q&A below...

Q: What’s your biggest fear as a company leader?
A: That our Tribe will stop believing in what we’re doing. That growth will become purposeless. That we will become ‘the industry’; saturated with mountains of the same.

Q: What do the words “company culture” make you think of?
A: The culture of a thing is measured by its ingredients. And that rings just as true with brands as anywhere else. The culture of yesterday was driven by tech companies — the monsters of industry. Tomorrow’s culture is going to be cultivating brands as family. What we are calling the cult of real culture. Turn your brand into something that its workforce is proud to be a part of, that stands for something more than its product and output, that says something about who they are as people and what they believe in, like the music they listen to and the clothes they wear, and it will turn your brand into a cultural phenomenon. And when that happens, your workforce stops viewing themselves as co-workers, but friend with shared interests and shared experiences.

We’re thrilled for Michael to join us at RestaurantSpaces to dig deeper on the value of design thinking and connecting with Millennials/Gen Z.

For more on Lastoria’s business principles, check out the full article on Forbes here.

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