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Sushi burritos, anyone?

According to a recent trend-forecasting post in QSR, sushi burritos are just the beginning of the hybrid food revolution that will explode in 2017--among Mexican ramen and bulgogi hamburgers. Although the world’s flavors appear to be joining forces, restaurants shouldn’t get too comfortable: QSR also predicts a greater number of suppliers getting in the game to ramp up competition, referencing Kellogg’s recent cereal store opening in Times Square.


Another trend on the forefront: a delivery revolution. Not only will tech explode to improve the speed and efficiency of everything from ordering to curbside pick-up, but delivery will be “uberized” to capitalize on today’s app-centric climate.

On the fast-casual front, changes include embracing drive-thru (with Panera leading the way) and true-value offerings. Speaking of value, an emphasis on fair treatment of restaurant employees will become increasingly important as Millennials continue to favor ethical brands that support a work-life balance. Another Millennial-driven trend is the exploding popularity of pop-up restaurants offering exclusive, limited-time-only experiences in 2017.

Even the traditional ideas of breakfast, lunch and dinner are no longer guaranteed, as breakfast’s boozier, more savory sibling is spicing up the playing field. Brunch is transforming the typically “smooth and soothing” affair of breakfast into a flavor-filled meal with heavier offerings, from Jack in the Box’s “Brunchfast,” Starbuck’s spicier breakfast sandwiches, and a green chile bagel piled with zesty toppings at Einstein’s.

Want to learn more about 2017’s top fast-food trends and how to stay ahead of the competition? Check out the full article on QSR here.

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