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From kitchens and dining rooms to drive-thrus and essentially every other aspect of the business, the last two years brought more than a decade's worth of change to restaurants, and things aren't slowing down anytime soon. It’s amid this exciting transformation that influence group has decided to expand RestaurantSpaces.

The signature in-person gathering will now be held twice a year. In 2022, RestaurantSpaces Spring will take place February 27-March 1 in Orlando while RestaurantSpaces Fall will happen October 2-4 in Santa Barbara. These dates and locations will make it easier for busy professionals to come together with their peers at least once a year.

Known for their intimate, carefully curated retreats, influence group creates experiences that bring the right people together in meaningful and unexpected ways. For the past seven years, these unique experiences have fostered genuine connections among chain restaurant executives, allowing them to share and learn from each other, as well as uncover innovative new suppliers.

Due to the event’s growing popularity, RestaurantSpaces has reached capacity for two straight years. In order to preserve the intimate spirit of the gathering, influence group has made the decision to add another in-person event to the calendar. 

The rapidly changing nature of the industry has also played a role in the decision to expand. No conversation around the future of restaurants can happen without the cross-pollination of ideas from many once-disparate teams. This is especially true when it comes to restaurant development and design aligning with technology. 

In order to bring these two worlds together, RestaurantSpaces Fall will have a dedicated technology track, welcoming restaurant CIOs and CTOs into the community. With this addition, RestaurantSpaces will be one of the few events that provides a collaborative space for restaurant development, design, and tech leaders to interact with each other. 

“This industry is changing so fast that coming together once a year simply isn’t enough,” says influence group co-founder Michael Owens. “RestaurantSpaces is the place where industry leaders can challenge themselves to think differently and abandon any assumptions they have about the future of restaurant development, design, and tech.”

To view the full influence group 2022 events calendar, head here.

About influence group
influence group creates unique experiences designed to ease people out of their comfort zones and encourage meaningful dialogues around business-critical topics. 

Headquartered in NYC, influence group is rooted in a passion to bring people together to explore innovation and move key industries to new heights. 

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