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2018 has been quite the year for foodservice. Challenges around labor and rapidly evolving consumer tastes and behaviors are giving chain execs plenty to think about, while exciting innovations are setting the stage for even more disruption in the year ahead.

As the the last few days of December trickle into 2019, we’ve thrown together our 5 Most Read Articles to relive the year that’s been.

1. How AI can Help Restaurants Enhance the Guest Experience & Drive Sales

Thanks to advancements in analytics and AI, the encroaching inevitability of the living, breathing restaurant has really captured the imagination of the industry. Livit’s experimental pizza restaurant provides a very early glimpse at the technology’s potential to enhance experience and drive sales.

2. Umami Burger Unveils New “Lifestyle Hub” at RestaurantSpaces

We were just as surprised as our attendees when Umami Burger’s then CEO decided to unveil the chain’s latest concept on the RestaurantSpaces stage. At the heart of the design is an emphasis on something every restaurant needs -- emotional connection.

3. Redesigning Restaurants for the Delivery Economy

The steady uptick in off-premise sales was perhaps one of the biggest factors impacting the industry in 2018. As delivery grows to become the norm, rather than the exception across the country, restaurant chains are finding solutions in design to accommodate an evolving customer.

4. Punch Bowl Social CEO Links Inauthenticity to Casual Dining Woes

Robert Thompson was once referred to as a “millennial whisperer”. He was also very frank about the secret behind his brand’s runaway success with younger generations. Without a focus on authentic experiences, he believes, it’s understandable why some legacy restaurant chains will flounder.

5. 8 Chains Experimenting with Alternative Formats

Since much of our readership is comprised of those in restaurant design and development, it’s no surprise this post hit our top five. In a time when constant experimentation is crucial, keeping tabs on experimental formats that seem to resonate with customers is an obvious priority.

We’re just as excited as you about what lies ahead for the restaurant business. We also can’t wait to bring you more insights from the most forward-thinking and provocative minds of the industry in the new year.

On that note, we’d love to know what you’re interested in reading about. Leave a comment or reach out to us with your ideas!

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